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Terraria: Preparation to fight with Boss
Assuming you’ve all suitable gear that you would need for your very first major battle, you will need preparation. First, set up a long/large piece of land, that’s clear of any hills or debris, to make the fight as simple as possible. Next, begin placing little different type of platforms in jumping distance from each other, for the sole purpose of mobility. Next, try to add campfires and if possible, add few heart lanterns for additional regeneration. Last but not the least; try to add lighting so you actually can see what you are doing! And a crucial step, ensure to have minimum two hundred health, and if you are a magician, 100 to 200 Mana would be sufficient for you to have before going into the fight with the boss in Terraria For Pc. Also, probably something such as Lead/Iron or Platinum/Gold weapons and armor.

Eye of Cthulhu is your first fight. It is strongly suggested that you must have items within the platinum - iron range, such as weapons and armor. Then have some buff potions, health potions, and also ammunition (arrows) for the bow. Cloud in a Bottle can help a lot as well. Anyways, here is how you will need to go.

You summon the Eye of Cthulhu and then look at the mini map. Then you shut it off and start. The eye simply follows you and can summons the minions. Take out minions swiftly, and then begin shooting ranged attacks at this eye. When it charges, jump over or dodge him, while likely using such attacks that are of close range, or keep the distance with such attacks. After repeating such steps in Terraria For Pcfor a detailed amount of time, he’ll have teeth instead of a pupil and also become enraged.

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